12 Oct 2015

Nauru govt says Al Jazeera didn't go through 'proper channels'

9:22 pm on 12 October 2015

Nauru's government says the international news organisation, Al Jazeera, did not go through proper channels when it applied to enter the country.

The Qatar-based network says it has been told that all media visa applications have been denied by the Nauru government.

It says it was prepared to pay the non-refundable 5,000 US dollar application fee in order to report on the Australia-run detention centre and asylum seekers in Nauru.

But after months of trying, Al Jazeera got in contact with Nauruan officials, but before being able to send documentation it was told that no media application would be approved.

A spokesperson for the Nauru government says Al Jazeera did not go through the proper channels in its application for visa consideration, and received misinformation as a consequence.

It says Nauru government policy for the distribution of visas for foreign journalists has not changed.