13 Feb 2009

Pilots injured in mid-air drama to receive commendations

2:08 pm on 13 February 2009

Two pilots injured when a woman allegedly hijacked their domestic Air New Zealand flight are to receive bravery awards.

At a High Court hearing in Christchurch on Friday, Ross Haverfield and Dion McMillan asked that their name suppression be lifted to enable them to receive commendations from the International Airlines Association.

The pilots will be given awards for bravery during the mid-air flight drama in February last year.

Asha Abdille, 34, is accused of hijacking the flight and stabbing the pilots as well as a passenger.

The case will be heard on Christchurch in September.

Ms Abdille became upset in in court as the trial date was announced.

She stood up and told her lawyer it was "too long in custody" and "unfair". She was calmed down by a female prison guard.

Ms Abdille has been in custody since February last year.