Cosgrove lodges EQC info request

6:40 pm on 15 July 2013

The Labour Party has lodged an Official Information request with the Earthquake Commission to help a community group save more than $20,000.

Clayton Cosgrove.

Clayton Cosgrove. Photo: RNZ

Earthquake recovery spokesperson Clayton Cosgrove has lodged the request on behalf of the Wider Earthquake Communities Action Network of Canterbury (WECAN).

The group says the commission proposed to charge $24,000 for information it requested.

Mr Cosgrove said on Monday he expects to hear from EQC well within the 20 working days it is required to respond by and is extending the offer to other community advocacy groups being charged for their right to request official information.

Mr Cosgrove said the Ombudsman has ruled that he is entitled to requests under the Official Information Act free of charge as an MP.