22 May 2015

'Caught by the heel of his hand'

11:37 am on 22 May 2015

A 12-year-old boy in Auckland has been taken to hospital after his hand was impaled on a school fence.

St John Ambulance.

Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The boy was at Waimahia Intermediate in Clendon Park when he slipped just after 8.30am.

He was taken to hospital with a 15 centimetre section of fence spike still through his hand.

A Manurewa fire station officer, Roy Harris, said fire crews had to use a sabre saw to cut him free.

"It looked like possibly he'd been either trying to climb, or got over the fence, and then the fleshy part of his hand had slipped down onto the spike at the top of the fence," he said.

"He was caught by the heel of his hand, if you like, with the spike through it, so pretty uncomfortable for the young fella."

Mr Harris said the boy was given pain relief at the scene and placed on a stretcher.