25 May 2010

Australians looking at NZ rural bonding scheme

1:04 pm on 25 May 2010

Australian veterinarians are looking to the New Zealand bonding scheme to help keep more young vets in rural practices.

More than 1000 vets and industry delegates from New Zealand and Australia are at a Pan Pacific Veterinary conference in Brisbane.

The New Zealand Veterinary Association says the Australians are very interested in how the bonding scheme is working here as they face the same struggle in attracting veterinarians in the rural sector.

The bond scheme was introduced last year to encourage newly-qualified vets to stay by providing taxable payments for every year they work in a rural practice, for up to five years.

Chief executive Julie Hood says more than 20 new vets are currently signed up for the scheme and it is something that could work across the Tasman.