18 Sep 2015

Breastfeeding app helps mums living remotely

11:38 am on 18 September 2015

A new smart phone app has been launched to help mothers living in remote areas with advice and information on breastfeeding.

The app, BreastFedNZ, was developed by Midland Maternity Action Group and offers advice around pregnancy, birth and the early weeks of breastfeeding.

The app's author, lactation consultant, Karen Palmer, said it was created in response to a survey which found women living in remote areas wanted easy access to information about breastfeeding via their phones.

She said the app was developed in collaboration with mothers, midwives, lactation consultants and an obstetrician, and is hoped to lift breast-feeding rates around the regions.

"Because you know, they find it hard to get to town, to get to services. They may live in an area where there are limited services if they're having breast-feeding problems.

"Their midwives can't always visit every day if they're having a problem, if they live remote.

"Having information at their fingertips can help them problem solves or just get through another day, until their health professional can see them again.

"Three o'clock in the morning say, the baby won't latch and the baby's crying and you're like, 'Who do I ring? Where do I go to from here?'"

It can be quite a challenge, and women need access to accurate in the moment information."