20 Jul 2013

Blatter accepts Qatar too hot for World Cup

6:52 am on 20 July 2013

FIFA president Sepp Blatter will push for the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar to be moved to the winter after getting a personal taste of the Middle East's furnace-like climate.

There has been widespread concern over the health dangers posed by staging the tournament in the Gulf in June and July when temperatures are 50 degrees.

Blatter says the matter will be discussed at a FIFA executive meeting in October.

He says a recent visit to Jordan and the Palestinian Territories had brought home the dangers of the intense heat, despite Qatar's ambitious plans to build air-conditioned arenas.

Average temperatures in Qatar are markedly cooler in December, with highs of 24 degrees.

Qatar has already said it was ready to host the World Cup in summer or in winter.