18 Jul 2017

Waldrom cut from sevens coaching staff

3:56 pm on 18 July 2017

Interim New Zealand men's sevens coach, Scott Waldrom, has been shown the door by new boss Clark Laidlaw following a lackluster season on the sevens circuit.

Laidlaw, just a month into his new job as head coach, has opted for more experience in his coaching staff, bringing in former All Black and Blues assistant coach Liam Barry.

Barry was the head coach of North Harbour from 2011 to 2013 before taking his skills to Japan for two years.

Clark Laidlaw

All Black sevens coach Clark Laidlaw. Photo: Photosport

Former All Black sevens specialist Tomasi Cama has been given a new role as attack coach after spending the year as Waldrom's assistant.

There's no room for Waldrom though, who was unable to take the All Black sevens to one final in the 10 world series tournament in the 2016-17 season since the departure of longstanding head coach Gordon Tietjens.