28 Apr 2010

Giteau's comments too personal says referee's boss

5:39 pm on 28 April 2010

The Super 14 rugby referees boss Lyndon Bray says referees are comfortable with criticism but ACT Brumbies player Matt Giteau's comments about referee Steve Walsh are too personal.

Walsh was to control this weekend's match between the ACT Brumbies and the Queensland Reds, which could have a bearing on the make up of the semi-finals.

The Brumbies were highly critical of Walsh's performance in last weekend's loss to New South Wales in Sydney, with Giteau saying it wouldn't be worth turning up if Walsh was in charge this week.

Bray says that type of comment is unacceptable and Walsh has been stood down, not because of his performance but rather so the referee doesn't become the focus of the game.

He says he's comfortable with criticism of referee's decisions, but Giteau's comments question the integrity of Steve Walsh.

Bray says it would similar to him commenting on the Brumbies selection policy and he has no intention of doing that.