27 Aug 2012

Tribunal offers win-win water rights solution - lawyer

6:34 am on 27 August 2012

The Maori Council's legal team says the Waitangi Tribunal's findings on water rights offer a win-win solution to the Crown and the claimants.

In its interim report, the inquiry suggests a solution could be found so that share sales in state owned enterprises can go ahead - starting with the hydro power generator, Mighty River Power.

It says it's up to Maori and the Crown to devise a scheme that specifically recognises rights over the freshwater used by the three power stations that private investors would buy into.

Maori Council barrister Felix Geiringer says the tribunal's report offers answers.

He says the tribunal is attempting to show a path forward to resolution, and presents a win-win situation - but both parties will have to negotiate first.

Mr Geiringer says there would be a lot of detail to work out, but the tribunal has given a strong indication that a solution could be reached which benefits everyone.