1 Feb 2013

Chatham Islanders welcome high-speed broadband

7:07 pm on 1 February 2013

A Moriori leader on the Chatham Islands is welcoming the Government's move to install fast broadband for the island's three schools.

Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams has announced the next stage of the Government's plan to deliver significant improvements in telecommunications for Rekohu or the Chatham Islands.

The primary focus will be on the connecting schools at Kaingaroa, Pitt Island, and Te One to fast broadband.

Hokotehi Moriori Trust general manager Maui Solomon said the high speed broadband will keep them better in touch with the outside world.

He said it is important that the students have access to the latest technology particularly if they're going to keep up with what is happening in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world.

Mr Solomon said the schools already have satellite access to the internet, but fast broadband will certainly be of immeasurable value.

Tenders close in mid-March.