11 Jul 2013

Group calls for Maori in Whangarei to consider local politics

7:09 pm on 11 July 2013

A campaign group in Northland is shoulder tapping Maori in and around Whangarei and asking them to consider standing for local government bodies.

The recently formed roopu has 26 members, who are mainly Maori.

Its spokesperson, Mike Kake, who's no stranger to standing in local body elections, says the yet to be named group wants Maori to think about local body elections.

He says he wants them to consider putting their hands up for boards such as the Northland Regional Council, the district council or the Northland District Health Board.

Mr Kake says tangata whenua need to be more involved partly because it will encourage their whanaunga (relatives) to vote.

He says the group is shoulder tapping as well as using the "kumara vine" to make contact with potential candidates.

The group's holding a hui next Monday for people who are interested in local politics.