3 Jul 2011

Govt assures iwi it's trying to accelerate process

11:00 am on 3 July 2011

Iwi have been given an assurance that the Government is trying to speed up the parliamentary process for Treaty settlement bills.

The third annual Kokiri Ngatahi Treaty settlement hui was been held in Wellington this week.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson told the hui he knows it is frustrating for those who work hard to get settlements signed, then having to wait sometimes months for the legislation to get through the House.

Mr Finlayson says there are a number of ideas being considered to speed up the process such as putting a number of different settlements through their first reading together then sending them to select committee separately.

The minister says it could also be possible to skip the committee stages of the bill, which can sometimes be a drawn-out debate.

Mr Finlayson says the Labour Party also supports speeding up the process.