26 Sep 2014

Web series: Flat 3 - Season 1

7:44 am on 26 September 2014

Watch all the episodes of the first season of Flat 3.

Episode 1 - LEE

Lee wants to move out. As a series of failed interviews happen for Perlina and Jessica they are desperate for a good flatmate. Will Lee take the plunge and leave home for good?

Flat3 - EP01. LEE from Flat3 on Vimeo.

Episode 2 - JESSICA 

We meet Jessica who is struggling to become a serious actor, without being stereotyped! Her hunky actor boyfriend Aidan doesn't seem to mind though. But does the new hot waiter?

Flat3 - EP2. JESSICA from Flat3 on Vimeo.

Episode 3 - PERLINA

Perlina wants to be liked, and consults an ex-boyfriend about a list of self-improvements to work on. Things go awry in the workplace, and Perlina discovers some difficult truths about being likeable. As well as a silver lining?

Flat3 - EP3. PERLINA from Flat3 on Vimeo.

Episode 4 - FLAT WARMING 

The girls at Flat 3 hold a superhero-themed flatwarming, but things go awry as Jessica is left waiting for Jackie Chan, the hot waiter from EP2. Lee tests her art skills on Spiderman, Perlina trades insults with a caped Cow and friendships are sorely tested.

Flat3 - EP4. FLAT WARMING from Flat3 on Vimeo.

Episode 5 - THE SPEED DATE

Love is in the air as Lee tries speed dating and Perlina prepares herself for a visit by an old flame. Jessica tries again to be a good friend, with mixed results.

Flat3 - EP5. THE SPEED DATE from Flat3 on Vimeo.

Episode 6 - HOME INTRUDER Jessica leaps into survival mode when she discovers an unexpected visitor at the flat. As Perlina and Lee join the fray, a tense situation starts to get weird ...