31 Jul 2016

Top 10 stories of the month - July 2016

11:11 am on 31 July 2016

In case you missed something, here are our most read (and watched!) stories for the month.


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    Are you sick of making chit chat and silly jokes about the housing crisis? Toby Morris is. Photo: Unknown

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    A new photography project explores what living on $176.86 per week really looks like. Photo: Unknown

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    The potential to make millions off international students has led to an industry marred by fraud, lies and bad policy.  Photo: Unknown


    Thousands of Indian students come to study in New Zealand every year. The Wireless went to the source to find out why these young, ambitious people are coming to our shores.

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    Notes on losing a sibling to suicide. By Harrison Christian.  Photo: Unknown

    Think dating's hard? Try dating as an asexual.

    Chelsea Thomson, 23, is asexual. Grey-sexual with hetero-romantic and autochorissexual tendencies, to be exact. She explains what that means when it comes to finding love.  Photo: 1232RF

    Inside Gloriavale's dining hall, from the 2008 documentary Gloriavale.

    Every two years, the Gloriavale Christian Community welcomes 6000 people to watch a four-hour concert extravaganza. Katie Scotcher and three friends went there to check out the show, Candlelight Castle, in the community’s own dining hall. Photo: Image: Cody Packer

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    We talk to four people under 30 who have put their hands up to change their cities. Photo: Unknown

    A depiction of Saint John the Baptist.

    Paul Stevens, 28, comes from a devoutly Baptist family who believe homosexuality is a sin. This is what happened when he realised he was gay. Photo: 1232RF

    A protest in London's Parliament square against what the demonstrators say is the rise of fascism in the UK since the Brexit vote.

    Following the Brexit vote, London just doesn’t feel the same for some of the 200,000 Kiwis living there. Photo: AFP