20 Feb 2013

Komodo dragon tour guide attacked

7:29 am on 20 February 2013

A Komodo dragon has mauled a tour guide in a national park on Rinca island in Indonesia.

The two metre reptile appeared when the guide passed its lair on Tuesday while he was trekking with four Indonesian visitors to the island.

"(Abdurahman) tried to protect himself with a stick but the Komodo was stronger and faster than him, and he was bitten on his right calf," said Komodo National Park administrative official Heru Rudiharto.

Abdurahman, 25, was taken to hospital on the island of Flores.

Earlier this month a Komodo attacked two park employees, leaving them with serious injuries.

AAP reports Komodos are native to several Indonesian islands. They typically weigh to 70kg. Their jaws have poison glands that can cause paralysis, spasms and shock through haemorrhaging.