24 Feb 2013

Anti-austerity march attracts thousands

9:29 am on 24 February 2013

Thousands of people have marched on Spain's parliament to protest austerity measures imposed by the government.

The protest on Saturday was on the 32nd anniversary of a failed attempt by the armed forces to overthrow the government, AFP reports.

Several protest groups joined forces under a single slogan called "Citizens' Tide, 23F", referring to the 23 February 1981 attack by armed forces on Spain's parliament.

Organisers say Spain is at present under a "financial coup" and have called on people to march to parliament to protest austerity measures and what they say is government favouritism toward financial institutions at the expense of ordinary citizens.

Marchers decried "the pressure of financial markets" and corruption in government and the country's banking system, and called on MPs to find alternatives that won't "give away" the welfare state.