9 Oct 2013

Supply glitch spurs fuel panic in Queensland

7:58 pm on 9 October 2013

Several south-east Queensland petrol stations are running short of fuel after supply trucks were forced off the road.

Dozens of fuel tankers owned by transport company Cootes remain stationary because of safety defects.

Authorities began investigating the company after one of their tankers was involved in last Tuesday's fatal crash in New South Wales.

The ABC reports that some petrol companies which have been unable to find alternative transport have run out of fuel.

BP says it is trying to find alternative transport for its fuel.

But several stations in south-east Queensland have already run dry.

A Brisbane service station attendant, who did not want to be identified, says the shortage is causing major problems.

"We had two competitors within a kilometre of us - both of those are totally out of fuel," the person said.

"It's shockingly affected us - absolutely woeful.

"We're just standing here staring at the road hoping people come in."

Brisbane's motoring association, the RACQ, says some service stations have temporarily run dry, but the shortage should be resolved by the weekend.

The motoring body also says one-in-10 service stations in south-east Queensland have used a fuel shortage to increase prices up to $A1.59 a litre.

"It is infuriating that motorists are once again going to get hit in the hip pocket by some service stations - unscrupulous service stations - trying to make a profit off the back of these small shortages," he said.