13 Dec 2013

No early poll in Queensland

11:40 am on 13 December 2013

Queensland state premier Campbell Newman says there is still too much economic repair work to do to consider an early election.

AAP reports Mr Newman's personal popularity is on the slide, according to recent polls, and some analysts have suggested he may be considering going to the polls early.

"We intend to go full term in Queensland," he said in Canberra on Friday.

He said the state government still had a lot of work to do to deal with the former Labor government's legacy of debt.

"We want to have the debate in Queensland about dealing with the big black cloud of Labor debt - $A80 billion worth of Labor debt, Bligh debt, Beattie debt," he said.

He said the state's debt levels meant interest payments alone were amounting to $A4 billion a year.

"And we have to deal with that."

AAP reports the state government this week announced a series of studies to gauge investor interest in six public assets which could be sold or leased after the next election.

Mr Newman said he won't go down the asset sales path without a mandate from voters.

"We won't sell anything without going to an election and the election is not scheduled till March 2015," he said.