15 Feb 2014

Ukraine protestors now released

10:02 am on 15 February 2014

The opposition in Ukraine has confirmed the last of 243 protesters detained during three months of unrest, have been released.

Anti-government protestors in Kiev on Friday.

Anti-government protestors in Kiev on Friday. Photo: AFP

But the BBC reports charges against them will not be dropped unless other protesters vacate government buildings and clear a barricade in Kiev.

In response, an opposition spokesperson said the protestors will comply with some of the government's demands such as dismantling roadblocks in the centre of the capital, Kiev.

Many of those freed will remain under house arrest.

The detainees were released under an amnesty passed by parliament last month.

Ukraine has been gripped by demonstrations since President Viktor Yanukovych abandoned plans to sign an agreement of association with the EU in November.

Instead, he advocated closer trade relations with Russia, which offered a bailout of $US15 billion