26 Jul 2009

Global protests against Tehran regime

7:50 am on 26 July 2009

Global demonstrations have been held to denounce human rights abuses in Iran and show support for opponents of President Mahmoud Ahmandinejad.

Rallies took place on Saturday in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Stockholm and Sydney.

Demonstrations also took place in Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Melbourne, Stockholm, Seoul, Toyko, Vienna and Geneva.

Mass street protests were held in Tehran after a disputed presidential election on 12 June.

Iran's top election body, the Council of Guardians, has said the poll was free and fair. Officials results gave Mr Ahmadinejad more than 62% of the vote.

Defeated candidates say the election was marred by massive fraud. Days of street protests against the results were violently suppressed, drawing international condemnation.

Official reports in Iran say at least 20 people died and more than 1000 arrested. Dozens of others have also reportedly been jailed.

The demonstrators urged the authorities in Tehran to free those arrested.

Many held pictures of people they say remain in jail. Some placards showed Neda Agha Soltan, 27, whose death was captured on a video that was posted on the Internet.