17 Oct 2009

NZ navy ship delivers aid to Samoa

10:34 pm on 17 October 2009

The navy has delivered fale poles, water pipes and electrical supplies to Samoa so traditional beach houses and infrastructure destroyed in last month's tsunami can be rebuilt.

Along with 540 fale poles, HMNZS Canterbury has shipped in telephone poles, and 13 containers of aid from the New Zealand Samoan community.

Almost 80 New Zealand defence force personnel are based in Samoa to help in the aftermath of the 30 September tsunami, including medics working in clinics and engineers building toilet blocks.

Aid workers in Samoa say getting water to villagers is still a challenge, more than two weeks after the tsunami.

The Red Cross is trucking supplies to about 5,000 people living in temporary shelters, where there is no piped water.

The organisation is also providing local people with tools to rebuild their houses. Shovels, spades, axes and bush knives are also being sourced so people can maintain their plantations.

The Red Cross says there is plenty of aid in the country.

Waves up to six metres high, triggered by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake, hit Samoa's coastline last month, killing 143 people.