29 Jun 2017

America's Cup coverage overboard?

From Morning Report, 7:52 am on 29 June 2017

The countdown is on for sailing fans keen to welcome a triumphant Team New Zealand home after their America's Cup victory, but some people are just waiting for it to all be over.

Team New Zealand celebrate their victory as they now head into the finals. Louis Vuitton America's Cup Challenger Playoffs Finals, Day 3 , Day 3.

Photo: ACEA 2017 / Ricardo Pinto

Auckland will host a parade for the team next Thursday, which will also give thousands of people the chance to watch them take to the water and sail past them.

Raewyn Armstrong from Hamilton said she couldn't care less about sports coverage in the media.

She said despite her best efforts, she couldn't seem to get away from the race that has dominated the headlines over the past few days.

"My alarm comes on and I lie there and try and not to go to work and from seven till eight it was only sailing.

"Come on there must be something else happening," she said.

Christchurch's Peter Johnstone agreed there was too much hype around the America's Cup, a sport he believed your average Joe Bloggs wouldn't relate to.

"I just find the whole thing just doesn't interest me...the media coverage is just over the top.

"The whole thing about being better people because someone in the boat race won a cup so it's made New Zealand better in other people's eyes, I don't know, I have trouble with all that side of it," Mr Johnstone said.