22 Feb 2018

Deaf theatre: Hands across the divide

From Nine To Noon, 9:38 am on 22 February 2018

Combining sign with mime and physical theatre, Salonica is the tale of two soldiers who form an unlikely friendship in World War I. The work was developed with an international team of both deaf and hearing artists from New Zealand, Serbia and the UK, to be performed in front of deaf and hearing audiences. Kathryn Ryan talks to actor Shaun Fahey who performs in his first language, New Zealand Sign Language & Salonica's director Dr. Laura Haughey about this emerging form of inclusive theatre. As Shaun is deaf, his words are translated  from sign language by Kelly Hodgins.

Salonica actors: Mihailo Ladevac and Shaun Fahey.

Salonica actors: Mihailo Ladevac and Shaun Fahey. Photo: Production Photography: Michael Smith