5 Mar 2017

The Maoriland Film Festival

From Standing Room Only, 12:16 pm on 5 March 2017

There are the famous A-List Festivals of Europe - Cannes, Berlin and Venice. There's the equally prestigious Sundance Festival of Utah, the champion of smaller, independent films. Now there's growing interest in "indigenous" films - and, as Simon Morris discovered, their festival is surprisingly close to home. March 15 sees the fourth annual Maoriland Film Festival, showing in the "Los Angeles of the South Pacific", Otaki. Incidentally, that's not a cheap crack - the original Maoriland Film Company launched itself early last century with that as a by-line! Today's Maoriland Festival is an ambitious attempt to encourage and focus on, not just young Maori talent, but indigenous film-makers around the world. It's the brain-child of film-maker Libby Hakaraia, and runs from March 15-19.