20 Jul 2014

The Intellectual Commons

From Sunday Morning, 11:06 am on 20 July 2014

Nobel laureate Randy Schekman recently committed himself to only publishing in open access journals –  that is, journals that can be accessed by anyone for free.

The open access movement is going from strength-to-strength with a growing number of scientists, musicians, artists and governments committing themselves to the sharing of intellectual property.

Coating kite string with coloured paste near Gujarat College Photo by Meena Kadri
Coating kite string (manja) with coloured paste near Gujarat College. Photo by Meena Kadri - Flickr

Neuroscientist Fabiana Kubke talks to Wallace Chapman about open access journals and why she believes it’s wrong to charge people for science paid for out of the public purse; photographer Meen Kadri tells Jeremy Rose about how sharing her photos on Flickr has resulted in sales to the likes of Apple; and Matt McGregor, of Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand, tells Wallace about the NZ Commons website launched this week.