7 Feb 2016

Paul Kelly - Black Arm Band

From Sunday Morning, 10:35 am on 7 February 2016
Performers onstage at Dirtsong

Dirtsong Photo: Sarah Walker

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation Black Arm Band are performing a concert in New Zealand as part of the NZ Festival. The reviews say that 'Dirtsong' will "send a shudder through your spine and a tear to the eye" and is inspired by the words of author Alexis Wright. It brings together songs from 11 different Aboriginal languages.

Musician Paul Kelly is a long-time Black Arm Band collaborator.

LISTEN to Wallace Chapman's interview with Paul Kelly, where he discusses music's role in exposing the injustices inflicted on Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders - and about his upcoming release, a co-production with William Shakespeare.