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12:43 Professional photography in New Zealand

Concerns that the standard of professional photography in New Zealand. Mike Langford, president of the Institute of Professional Photographers, explains why and what the Institute is doing about it.Mike Langford
Mike Langford and one of his photographs.

12:48 Arts icon Dr Cliff Whiting

Newly announced New Zealand arts icon, Dr Cliff Whiting on his more than 50 years working with Maori communities on their marae, on his career in Maori arts and crafts education, and on the controversy over his pastel painted MDF Te Marae in Te Papa when it was first unveiled.

Dr Cliff Whiting by Gary Whiting
Dr Cliff Whiting. Photograph by Gary Whiting.

1:10 At The Movies

1:31 Art buying collectives

How art buying collectives work where artistic taste blends and occasionally clashes with the desire to make a profit. We hear from members of two Auckland collectives, one which sold up last year and another which is about to auction 10 years worth of art. Ben Plumbly from Art+Object explains why auction houses love art collectives.

Gallery: A+O - Important Photographs, Paintings and Contemporary Art

1:48 The Brave

They say a physically fit actor is a better actor, and Auckland's Massive Theatre Company are taking that theory to the extreme. In preparation for touring their show The Brave around the country, their actors endure intense, gut-busting physical workouts for up to 90 minutes before each rehearsal. Cast member Beulah Koale leads these workouts and he tells Justin Gregory he knows exactly what he's aiming for.

Cast member and trainer Beulah Koale hard at work
Cast member and trainer Beulah Koale hard at work.

2:05 The Laugh Track

Roy Ward who's about to star in a solo play at Auckland's Basement theatre, that's about British eccentric Quentin Crisp.

2:26 William Pope.L

Visiting American performance artist William Pope.L - Pope.L to his mates, on tackling huge issues from racism and homelessness, to incest and greedy banks.

William Pope L Training Crawl
William Pope.L. Training Crawl (for The Great White Way: 22 miles, 5 years, 1 street). Performance. Lewiston, ME (2001). Photo: Luc Demers, courtesy of William Pope.L.

Sarah Broom Gleam2:35 Sarah Broom - Gleam

Sarah's husband Michael Gleissner discusses Sarah Broom's posthumous collection Gleam, which has been launched along with news of a new Poetry Prize in her honour.

Mannequin Makers by Craig Cliff2:45 Novelist Craig Cliff

Craig Cliff imagines what life would be like for twins trained to become shop mannequins in early 20th century New Zealand.



3:05 The Drama Hour

Two series continue – the hi-tech Resistance and the high comedy Dead Man's Shoes.