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8:12 Insight: Auckland's Water Supply

Insight asks whether the transition to Supercity could put Auckland's water supply in jeopardy. Will the new water company become too big and influential for it's owner, the Auckland Council, to control? Written and presented by Todd Niall Produced by Sue Ingram

8:40 Maggie Hamilton - Boys under Pressure

Maggie Hamilton has been looking at what boys are up against and the threats posed by technology, drugs, peer pressure and pornography. She talks to Chris about the kind of world our boys are growing up in, and what parents can do to help.'What's Happening to our Boys' by Maggie Hamilton, is published by Penguin.

9:06 Mediawatch

Mediawatch asks what's behind TVNZ's latest money-saving shake-up of its news programmes; and tracks down an author who's somehow turned the drudgery of the modern newsroom into an international best-seller. Mediawatch also looks at an expert examination of how the media reports one of the most sensitive subjects in the news today; and how sporting pundits played second fiddle this week to a supposedly-psychic cephalopod. Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:45 Peter Drysdale - Asia-Pacific Community

Peter Drysdale is the head of the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research and Emeritus Professor of Economics at the Australian National University. He is widely recognised as an architect of APEC and he tells Chris about a new spirit of co-operation emerging amongst Asian countries - which includes New Zealand.

10:06 Kelvin Day - The Taranaki Wars

It's 150 years since the first Taranaki war started - kicking off 21 years of conflict between Maori and Pakeha and culminating in the invasion of the Parihaka settlement in 1881. Kelvin Day is Manager of Heritage Collections at Puke Ariki Museum and Art Gallery in New Plymouth and he's brought together 11 academics and historians to give fresh insight into this troubled period.

Contested Ground

'Contested Ground: Te Whenua I Tohea, The Taranaki Wars 1860 - 1881' by Kelvin Day is published by Huia.

10:45 Hidden Treasures

This week on Hidden Treasures Trevor Reekie showcases brand new material from Julia Deans, formerly of Fur Patrol, as well as a track from the 'The Imagine Project' by the ever-prolific American jazz genius Herbie Hancock. Produced by Trevor Reekie

11:05 Ideas: The Battle for Heritage Buildings

Two empty sheds, and far from elegant: This week the Government and the Auckland Regional Council were at odds about what to do with the two sheds on Queens Wharf. So many historic buildings have been lost in our cities that our heritage seems to be quickly disappearing. What can be done about this - why should we care? Should councils and government interfere with the rights and intentions of private property owners? This week on Ideas, Chris Laidlaw discusses the issues surrounding heritage architecture with architects Marshall Cook and Jeremy Salmond, while campaigner Allan Matson explains the legal issues that can help or hinder the preservation of historic buildings. Opening the programme, Chris Bourke interviews lawyer and historian Peter Macky about his book on the demolition of Coolangatta, one of Auckland's grandest private homes. For 94 years the arts-and-crafts mansion had pride of place on Remuera Road. In 2006 it was demolished in 18 minutes.'

Coolangatta: a Homage by Peter Macky with Paul Waite. (Livadia Publishers, PO Box 37622, Parnell, Auckland 1151).

Presented by Chris Laidlaw Produced by Chris Bourke

11:55 Feedback

What you, the listeners, say on the ideas and issues that have appeared in the programme.