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Polarising presenter sparks a backlash

9:10 AM.Mike Hosking's opinionated style on TV One has sparked a backlash which echoes past controversies at TVNZ. But the state-owned broadcaster and sponsors aren't bothered.

Does free-speech = freedom to advertise?

9:09 AM.A former owner of the New Zealand Herald recently made news after failing to place an ad in two of Australia's leading newspapers. A Wellington magazine attracted the wrath of readers after accepting an anti-abortion ad. What are the rights and wrongs of publishing controversial advertisements?

All Blacks for hire in the news

9:08 AM.Editors are usually keen on a story if there’s an All Black in it. But sometimes the story is really about the big brands the boys in black are supporting.

Mediawatch for 26 June 2016

9:08 AM.Backlash against a popular but polarising presenter; All Blacks and their endorsements in the news; freedom of speech = freedom to advertise? Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

A sporting free-for-all for viewers?

9:09 AM.New Zealand should copy Australia and make "sport of national significance" available on TV for free, New Zealand First's Winston Peters says. Is it an idea whose time has come - or an idea that's now out of time across the ditch?

In the middle of a media mega-merger

9:08 AM.Sky TV wants to merge with giant telco Vodafone. Mediawatch asks Sky's long-serving leader if today's broadcasters are destined to end up as divisions of big telecommunications companies. 

Mediawatch for 19 June 2016

9:08 AM.Sky TV's long-serving boss talks to Mediawatch about the proposed merger with Vodafone - and broadcasters becoming departments of big telcos.

Holding power to account? Or playing along for fun?

A rare case of a TV critic getting an almost instant response from a programme she criticised - but not one she would have expected.

Nuclear headlines clash with the facts

9:06 AM.The headlines didn't match the facts in a recent UK story about New Zealand's anti-nuclear policy

PM's Fiji trip puts media freedom in the spotlight

9:12 AM.Prime Minister John Key's visit to Fiji drew attention to the fact some journalists are not welcome there. Mediawatch takes a closer look - including at the rules for the country's own reporters.

Are Sky dishes destined for the dustbin?

9:10 AM.Sky’s proposed merger with Vodafone is a sign of pay-TV's sell-by date approaching.  

Shrinking options for kids on TV

9:09 AM.TVNZ's just launched a channel for blokes. MediaWorks has one in the pipeline for women. There's even one coming to Freeview for fans of foreign house renovations. But the TV options for kids are shrinking.  

Mediawatch for 12 June 2016

9:08 AM.PM's Fiji trips puts spotlight on media freedom; another media mega-merger on the horizon; the shrinking options for NZ kids on TV.

What's behind Sky-Vodafone merger talks?

With Sky TV in talks to merge with Vodafone, Mediawatch looks at what it might mean for the two companies - and their customers.

Checking crucial claims in the housing debate

When John Key said there were lots of homes for sale in Auckland for less than half a million dollars, the media checked. But claims about new houses being built weren't scrutinised, even after pundits said they didn't believe it.

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