Sunday 19 October 2014, with Philippa Tolley

Syerina Syahrin, a Muslim Malayasian student studying at Victoria University  (RNZ / Diego Opatowski)

Forced and underage marriage, family violence and female genital mutilation.

When is it culture and when is it a crime? Does this country have the laws  to deal with these issues and is any extra legislation needed?

Insight joins with Lynda Chanwai-Earle from Voices, Radio New Zealand’s programme promoting greater understanding of NZ’s  ethnic minorities,  to gauge what needs to be done, if anything, to protect women and children.

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8:12 am Sunday 26 October: Insight: Turning Labour Around

Labour Party campaigners in Auckland. RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson

Why has the Labour Party lost its support? 

With the party in the throes of a leadership race and conducting its own review into its poor performance at the last election, Insight investigates the reasons behind Labour's decline in popularity over the last six years. 

Catherine Hutton speaks to unionists, former politicians, political commentators and those on the street about what the party needs to do to rebuild its fortunes. 

8:12 am Sunday 2 November: Insight: Maths and Science Not Hitting the Mark

Hampton Hill School TawaNew Zealand children have been doing badly in maths and science -but is it getting worse?

Their scores in international tests have been falling for the past decade and it has now reached the point where Year 5 and Year 9 students' are ranked among the lowest in the developed world.

Radio New Zealand education correspondent, John Gerritsen, investigates why our scores are on the slide and what is being done to stop it.