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No Vacancy: Can New Zealand Cope with Rapidly Growing Tourism?

8:12 AM.Teresa Cowie takes a looks at rapid tourism growth, and the toll it's taking on the very unspoilt nature and friendly locals the tourist have come to see.

Insight: Road vs Rail in Northland

8:12 AM.Lois Williams investigates tensions in Northland over the closing down of rail and increasing numbers of trucks on the region's rundown roads.

Insight: The Ageing Workforce

8:12 AM.Philippa Tolley asks if employers are doing enough to embrace what's been called a "tidal wave of demographic change" as the age profile of the workforce gets dramatically older.

Insight: Upgrading the China Free Trade Agreement

8:12 AM.Demelza Leslie heads to China to examine New Zealand's already out of date free trade agreement with the country and what can be done to get New Zealand businesses a better deal.

Insight: Social Bonds - Funding innovation or risky experiment?

8:12 AM.Kate Gudsell investigates exactly what the government's planned social bonds are, the risks, and asks who would want to invest in them?

Insight: Fiji after Winston - Weathering the Storm

8:12 AM.Sally Round reports from  Fiji on the efforts to rebuild people's lives after the devastating impact of Cyclone Winston.

Insight - The Special Education Struggle

8:12 AM.RNZs Education Correspondent John Gerritsen, investigates what's working and what's not in special education, as it faces unprecedented scrutiny from parents, teachers and the government.

Insight: The Panama Papers

On Insight this week the BBC and an international team of investigative journalists reveal unprecedented detail of the inner workings of the off-shore finance industry and its use by rogue states and criminals.


Insight: The Rohingya - Injustice ignored in Myanmar

8:12 AM. Graeme Acton asks if the lives of Myanmar's Rohingya people will improve now Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy is in power.

Insight: Investigating our Air Investigations Part 2

8:12 AM.Peter Newport continues his Insight exploration into some of the country's serious air accidents investigations.

Insight: Cash, Crashes and the Commission: Investigating our air investigations

8:12 AM.In the first part of a two-part investigation, Insight explores concerns over the robustness of the some of the country’s most serious air accidents investigations.


Insight: Myanmar - A Democracy Under Construction

7:50 AM.Insight travels to Myanmar to find out how democracy is unfolding after decades of harsh military rule.

Insight: Trade - The Bull or the Dragon?

7:50 AM.Insight explores New Zealand's increasing focus on doing business with the Asia-Pacific region and where that leaves trade with Europe.

The Race for a New US President

8:12 AM. RNZ's Political Editor, Jane Patterson, travels to the US and finds widespread anger at Washington politicians and big money impacting on the presidential primary race.

Sheep and goats - the new dairy boom?

8:12 AM.Alexa Cook explores the dairy goat and sheep industry to find out why more people are keen to get involved.

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