Sunday 24 May 2015, with Philippa Tolley

Mopther and child
Waiting for help Photo: RNZI/Koroi Hawkins

Insight for 24 May 2015 - Vanuatu & Tussles over Cyclone Aid

Koroi Hawkins looks at the tussle over aid relief in the wake of Cyclone Pam

On the 13th of March Cyclone Pam tore through the tiny island nation of Vanuatu.
Its 360km/hr winds wreaked total havoc on the Pacific island archipelago leaving 11 dead, tens of thousands homeless and a damage bill in the hundreds of millions.
This Radio New Zealand Insight takes a closer look at the power play behind the relief effort in the aftermath of Pam.

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8:12 am Sunday 31 May: Insight: Auckland - Our Shining Star or Black Hole?


Auckland's Viaduct Harbour Photo: 123RF

The "super city" of Auckland is now home to a third of New Zealand's population and economy and it is growing quickly. Official estimates predict most of the country's population growth will happen there, putting the city on track to account for 40 percent within 20 years.

The Reserve Bank has announced measures to deal with the city's house price boom, which the bank says is skewing the national economy.

But the city's astronomical rise is alarming the provinces, who say their contribution to the national economy is being ignored.

In this Insight, Ian Telfer, digs deeper into Auckland's dominance, and investigates whether it is in the national interest for Auckland to be the focus for investment, jobs and immigrants.

Is Auckland a shining star leading New Zealand towards a better future or is it a black hole sucking in resources and limiting this country's attempts to keep up with the rest of the developed world?