You Me... Now!

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Episode 1: Crash

12:00 AM.Johno and Alice meet one another for the first time when Alice crashes her car.

Episode 2: Where are you?

12:00 AM.Johno and Alice know little about one another but are intrigued to find out more.

Episode 3: See You At the Market

12:00 AM.Alice puts out a call to Johno to meet her at the Sunday markets. Johno gets the message.

Episode 4: Call Me

12:00 AM.Alice and Johno finally meet. Johno gets Alice's number. All seems well.

Episode 5: Much Ado About Cellphones

12:00 AM.Just when everything seems to be going well, Johno loses Alice's number so can't call her. Alice is not happy.

Episode 6: Seeds of Mistrust

12:00 AM.Alice's dream man Johno meets her nightmarish ex-lover and boss, Bruce.

Episode 7: A Shoulder to Cry on

12:00 AM.Johno's parents spring a surprise visit. Johno confides in Alice and invites her out with the boys.

Episode 8: It's Not What It Looks Like

12:00 AM.Johno is caught with another woman.

Episode 9: Are We Friends?

12:00 AM.Alice's mother Celeste plays Cupid and engineers a reconciliation between Alice and Johno.

Episode 10: The Morning After

12:00 AM.A dinner date does the trick and Alice and Johno make it official.

Episode 11: Daddy's Girl

12:00 AM.Alice has real trouble with her dad, gets fired from her job and gets sidelined by Johno.

Episode 12: Rotten Tomatoes

12:00 AM.Johno chooses band practice over Alice again and gets fired from the market in spectacular fashion.

Episode 13: Foreverland

12:00 AM.Alice and Johno kiss, make up and share a tender moment in a romantic location. Awww!

Episode 14: Prowling Cougar

12:00 AM.The band gets its first gig at the Soul Bar and Alice's father sends in the heavy artillery.

Episode 15: Not What it Looks Like - again!

12:00 AM.The band is ready to rock the Soul Bar as the cougar rocks the Alice and Johno boat.

Episode 16: Dedicated to the One I Love

12:00 AM.The first band gig at the Soul Bar goes very wrong when Johno dedicates a song to the wrong woman.

Episode 17: On Hold

12:00 AM.Alice and Johno have a serious fight over his song dedication; and Alice finds out there is something serious happening with her dad.

Episode 18: The Cougar's Out of the Bag

12:00 AM.Alice's dad is in hospital, Johno is with the cougar and Alice is partying too hard.

Episode 19: An Unwelcome Surprise

12:00 AM.Alice recovers from the party and Johno takes the guys to the farm.

Episode 20: Preg-Not

12:00 AM.Katherine the cougar is desperate but Johno forces her to fess up and then confides in his best friend - Alice.

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