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Saturday  1 November  -  11:06 pm  NZT

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Tahiti's Fritch calls for stop to rumours

no caption

The French Polynesian president says he is rejecting rumours that his government is to face a no-confidence motion from within the ruling Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party.

Nauru government condemns attacks on young refugees

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The Nauru government has condemned a recent attack on young refugees, saying it will not tolerate any such violence.

Australia aids Fiji business development

Hydrographic survey training underway in Fiji

Australia says it will give Fiji just under eight million US dollars to support job creation and local business in Fiji.

American Samoa call to cut government size

Pago Pago Harbour, American Samoa

A House Representative seeking re-election in next Tuesday's election says the government workforce needs to be reduced.

Troops cheered by Hawaii community threatened by lava

This image provided by the US Geological Survey (USGS) shows a breakout of ropey pāhoehoe lava from the volcano in Pahoa, Hawaii, upslope of Apaʻa Street burning vegetation near the Pāhoa transfer station.

National Guard troops arriving in a Hawaii town threatened by a slow-moving river of molten lava have been greeted with cheers by residents.

Former Tonga police inspector loses appeal

The National Shield of Tonga

Tonga's Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal from a former police inspector against his conviction over the killing of New Zealand policeman Kali Fungavaka.

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