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Thursday  23 October  -  12:04 pm  NZT

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Visa rules at centre of Papua trial

Valentine Bourrat and Thomas Dandois

An Indonesian expert witness says the two French journalists on trial in Papua for misuse of a tourist visa were involved in journalistic activities as defined by law.

Cooks budget eyes tourism, health and celebrations

no caption

The Cook Islands Minister of Finance says tourism, health and the 50-year independence celebrations will be the focus of the coming year's budget.

Public Services International concerned about Tonga workers

no caption

Public Services International is expressing serious concerns with what it calls the ongoing threats and repression against public servants in Tonga.

Cambodian officials to meet with Nauru asylum seekers

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Cambodian government officials are expected to travel to Nauru to give refugees an honest idea of life in Cambodia.

French Polynesia mayor forced out for 18 months

220414. Photo RNZ. French Polynesia. Flags at territorial assembly in French Polynesia

The administrative court in French Polynesia has ordered the removal of the mayor of Mahina over a formal irregularity during his election campaign.

PNG police task force to combat police brutality

Papua New Guinea police officers marching in a parade

The Papua New Guinea government is to set up a Police Task Force to combat police brutality.

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    Tonga's aviation sector changing approach, but still using MA-60; Poor wages stymie Fiji's garment sector according to union group; Vanuatu evicted to be moved to new site; State of Hawaii has highest rates of homelessness in the USA; A warning of the threat facing Niue's arts and cultural heritage.

  • Tonga's aviation sector changing approach ( 3′ 26″ )

    Tongan aviation sector 'improving' but MA-60 still flying

  • Poor wages stymie Fiji's garment sector ( 3′ 49″ )

    A union backed charity says poverty-level wages are holding Fiji back from being a niche player as the "clean clothes producer" of the region.

  • Niue's commissioner warns of threat to Niue's arts ( 2′ 54″ )

    Niue's High Commissioner to New Zealand is warning her country's unique arts and crafts traditions will die out unless something is done.

  • Dateline Pacific evening edition for 22 October 2014 ( 20′ 16″ )

    Vanuatu evicted to be moved to new site; State of Hawaii has highest rates of homelessness in the USA; difficulties fester in Australia's asylum seeker deal with PNG; Secretariat of the Pacific Community calls for shark lines to be banned.