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Wednesday  10 February  -  3:27 pm  NZT

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Salwai tipped as frontrunner for Vanuatu PM

The Vanuatu coalition group claiming to have a majority has reportedly chosen Charlot Salwai as candidate for tomorrow's election of a new prime minister.

Below normal rainfall predicted for several Pacific nations

Climate forecasters are predicting below normal rainfall levels for several Pacific Island nations over the next three months on top of an already unusually dry period.

Pacific neighbours now Fiji's biggest export market

A new trade report has found Fiji's most important export market now are its neighbours.

Vanuatu villages battle five week long fire

Coconut plantations in the west of Vanuatu's Ambryn island have been destroyed by a fire which has been burning since early January.

PNG police hunt Chinese national over massive fraud

Police in Papua New Guinea's National Capital District say they are on the hunt for a Chinese national who is implicated in a massive fraud investigation. The police say Zhou...

Bougainville president admonished over court threat

A veteran Bougainville politician, Sam Akoitai, has admonished the president John Momis for threatening to take the Papua New Government government to court.

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Dateline Pacific morning edition for 10 February 2016

Three candidates in Kiribati presidential race; Radio Norfolk staffer sacked after upsetting Canberra; Unease over refugees in PNG's Manus; NFP suspension endorsed in Fiji parliament; Fiji union unhappy with ILO government agreement; Bougainville considers its own gold refinery.

Three in the running for Kiribati presidential election

Three Kiribati parliamentarians will face off in the presidential election set for next month.

Radio Norfolk staffer upsetting Canberra's man

Radio Norfolk volunteer says he was sacked for telling the people something they needed to know.

Unease over refugees in PNG's Manus

The MP for Manus Open in Papua New Guinea, Ronnie Knight, has warned of growing social problems around the presence of refugees in the community as questions remain over where they will be re-settled by the PNG government.

Dateline Pacific evening edition for 9 February 2016

NFP suspension endorsed in Fiji parliament; Fiji union unhappy with ILO government agreement; Bougainville considers its own gold refinery; FFA members considering fall out from US default; Vanuatu lobbying on the home stretch; And Star navigators feature in Pacific Film Festival.