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Saturday  28 March  -  6:18 am  NZT

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Pam teaches lessons about building

The International Red Cross says communities in Vanuatu need to be better prepared for future cyclones.

Malaria linked to soldier's death in Tahiti

Reports from French Polynesia say a French soldier who was found dead at the beginning of the week while on leave in Tahiti died of what appears to be a rare form of malaria.

PNG bond stronger than ever, says West Papuan leader

A prominent West Papuan activist says his movement's relationship with Papua New Guinea is stronger than ever and his recent deportation from Port Moresby was over visa issues.

Norfolk Island to go ahead with governance referendum

The cabinet in the Norfolk Island Legislature is going ahead with a referendum to ask the people what they think about Australia's plans to remove the island's autonomy.

Fiji to take action against phone tapping

The Fiji government says it will take action against the possibility of phone tapping in the future.

Corruption stalling PNG wealth, says UN rep

A UN rep says corruption is one of the reasons why Papua New Guinea's large wealth from its resources has not improved the country's human development.

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  • Aid has not reached all communities - Vanuatu government ( 5′ 42″ )

    The Vanuatu government has acknowledged some communities have not received any aid, two weeks after category five Cyclone Pam struck the country.

  • Jail sought for former French Polynesian president ( 6′ 57″ )

    Jail sought for former French Polynesian president Gaston Flosse for illegal spying and abuse of public funds.

  • West Papua activist in high spirits despite disruption in PNG ( 3′ 22″ )

    A prominent West Papuan activist's tour of the region was disrupted after being detained by Papua New Guinea immigration and being deported.

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    Children in Vanuatu will return to school on Monday; Ni-Vanuatu seasonal workers in NZ prepare for cyclone rebuild;  an inquiry into NZ's spy agency isn't enough for some in Solomon Islands; A former Los Angeles policeman takes the top job in Samoa's force; Bikini islanders look for a new home; And, Papua New Guinea is confident of hosting a Women's World Cup football tournament to remember.