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NZ Football rejects FIFA's Blatter

New Zealand Football confirms it will vote for Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein in FIFA's presidential election rejecting incumbent Sepp Blatter.

Former ACT secretary referred to police

The Electoral Commission has referred the former party secretary of the ACT Party to the police for filing late returns.

Shipley named in Mainzeal lawsuit

Former PM and former Mainzeal director Dame Jenny Shipley is strongly denying any wrongdoing in connection with the collapse of the construction company in 2013.

Police to enforce lower speeding threshold

Police will enforce a lower speeding threshold and breath-test every driver they pull over to try to prevent any road deaths over Queen's Birthday weekend.

Man to be jailed after protection order breaches

A Northland man who breached a protection order three times, but whose ex-girlfriend says the police did nothing when she reported him, has been jailed. (AUDIO)

New building consents fall

The number of new building consents has fallen, although the number of consents for apartments soared to a seven year high, mostly in Auckland.

Rugby player speaks out against racism

A Fijian rugby player representing a Canterbury provincial club says he is subjected to racist remarks by rival supporters and players every weekend.

Fairfax chief denies job losses

Fairfax New Zealand's executive editor says her company's restructuring will not reduce the number of news journalists working for the media company. (AUDIO)

Court appearance for gaming fraud accused

Three of the four men accused of a $30 million gaming machine fraud have re-appeared in the Wellington District Court.

Plea to improve KiwiSaver for low income earners

The Financial Services Council says the Government should think of ways to make KiwiSaver affordable for low income earners.

Govt unveils Auckland housing blocks

Blog: Todd Niall on a bus tour of Auckland as Housing Minister Nick Smith prepared to announce which Crown land would be offered to developers. (COMMENTS)

Consent up for discussion in the classroom

Schools offering sex education are now free to directly address issues of consent, coercion and sexual diversity.

Parents: Govt risks blood on its hands

The parents of a forestry worker killed on the job say MPs need to remember statistics on workplace fatalities aren't just numbers. (AUDIO)

Struggling farms could go offshore - analyst

Dairy farms could fall into the hands of foreign buyers if banks foreclose on struggling dairy farmers coping with reduced income, an agricultural consultant says.

Soccer chief tight-lipped on voting intentions

The head of New Zealand Football will not confirm who it will vote for as FIFA president, but he expects a clear message to be sent to incumbent Sepp Blatter. (AUDIO)

'This isn't an emergency, but...'

Police are getting fed up with the number of people calling 111 with no actual emergency to report. (COMMENTS)

Call to avoid Auckland 'gobbling up' Hamilton

A rethink is needed on Auckland's growth before it gobbles up Hamilton, uses prime land for housing and runs down the regions, an economist says. (COMMENTS)

Venison prices down, deer velvet up

The New Zealand Deer Industry says a downturn in venison prices is being countered by strong growth in the use of deer velvet in health food products in Asia. (AUDIO)

Archives yield 'exciting' climate data find

A climate scientist in Central Otago has discovered weather pattern data taken 30 years ago, when ozone hole damage was just beginning to be understood. (COMMENTS)

FIFA officials deflect scandal questions

FIFA officials in Auckland have moved to shut down questions about the major corruption scandal facing the sporting body. (VIDEO, AUDIO)

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