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Ex-worker welcomes Facebook privacy ruling

The Human Rights Review Tribunal has awarded record damages of $168,000 after a credit union distributed an image posted by a former worker on Facebook. (AUDIO)

Scene where blood found 'compromised'

Blood found on a window at the Lundy family home could have been the result of contamination, a British forensics expert has told the High Court at Wellington.

War crime suspect process 'robust'

Immigration New Zealand says it has a robust process in place to investigate whether any war criminal found to be living here should be deported. (AUDIO)

Warm, dry spell set to last

More dry, warm weather is expected this autumn, especially in the North Island.

Man burnt alive for money - Crown

Crown lawyers say a man accused of killing Shalvin Prasad tried to book an immediate flight to South Africa the day after the body was found. (AUDIO)

Tenth fruit fly found in Auckland

Ten Queensland fruit flies have now been found in Auckland. They were found within a 200 metre radius of where the first fly was found a week ago.

Nurse censured for assessment failure

A nurse has been censured for failing to assess a patient who arrived at an after-hours clinic vomiting blood.

Medicine error caused liver damage

A pharmacist who gave a woman the wrong medication causing liver damage has retired following his mistake.

Islamic organisation has not heard from PM

The organisation representing Islamic associations has not heard from John Key despite him saying he was happy to talk to them about sending troops to Iraq.

How much do fundraising firms keep?

How much of the money you give to fundraisers who approach you on the street or come to your door actually goes to the charities they are collecting for? (AUDIO)

$500,000 to research Antarctic ice warming

A major research project will try and figure out what warming weather means for Antarctic ice, and what effect it will have on New Zealand's climate.

Court rules in favour of Hubbard investor

The biggest investor in one of Allan Hubbard's now defunct businesses has defeated an attempt by the statutory manager to limit the amount he is owed.

More representing themselves in court

The Law Society says the increasing number of people choosing to represent themselves in court is holding up the system, and costing time and money.

Calls for compulsory country of origin food labels

Horticulture New Zealand says the Government needs to make country-of-origin labels compulsory on all products.

Universities accept UE 'fails'

As universities start their academic year it appears many school leavers who failed to meet the new entrance standard have squeaked in after all. (AUDIO)

Mark Lundy trial: the third week

Jurors deciding whether Mark Lundy murdered his wife and daughter have been left in no doubt as to the brutality of their deaths.

A special home win for Lydia Ko

While she could have played at a more lucrative event in Thailand, for Lydia Ko the New Zealand Women's Open is "one of the best tournaments I play". (AUDIO)

Five schools to get new principal allowance

Five schools have been given approval to offer up to $50,000 to help recruit a principal with the right skills to meet significant challenges at their school.

NZ troops could opt out of Iraq

The Defence Force is allowing troops to opt out of being deployed to Iraq if it is in the interest of the troops and the mission.

Agreement aims to recoup unpaid student loans

A new agreement to try and recoup millions of dollars in unpaid student loans from New Zealanders in Australia will not apply to Australians living here.