24 Jul 2002

Fiji government MP attacks leader of Labour party

5:45 pm on 24 July 2002

A Fiji government MP has attacked the leader of the Labour party, Mahendra Chaudhry, claiming he's the cause of the country's constitutional and land problems.

The leader of the house, Jonetani Kaukeimoce, told parliament that Mr Chaudhry was shouting about his continued exclusion from the government during the African, Caribbean and Pacific summit in Nadi.

Mr Kaukeimoce says the Labour leader failed to impress the ACP countries and the delegates did not take him seriously.

The leader of the house says Fiji's constitution is an internal affair and the ACP treated with contempt, Mr Chaudhry's attempt to draw them into it.

Mr Kaukeimoce also said the Labour leader's demand on Fijian land met with similar treatment.