Pacific News

Houses blown away after Maysak hits FSM atolls

Whole houses have been blown away on the small atoll of Fais in the northwest Pacific's Federated States of Micronesia after the super typhoon Maysak hit overnight.

Tuvalu returns 14 MPs to new parliament

Tuvalu's electoral commission has announced the final results for the 2015 elections.

A long way to go for Vanuatu schools: UNICEF

Today is day three of the 2015 school year after Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, and at least half of the country's schools remain damaged or destroyed.

No seat for opposition on Australian govt trip to Manus

The Australian opposition Labour party immigration spokesman has been denied a seat on a government trip to Manus Island to inspect the offshore refugee processing centre.

Aitutaki voters hold Cooks by-election

Voters on Aitutaki in the Cook Islands are today due to vote in a by-election, which until last week was expected to imperil the government's majority.

UN warns of second disaster in Vanuatu

The United Nations is warning that the threat of a second disaster is very real amid post-cyclone recovery in Vanuatu.

Fiji opposition staffers without office fit-out

The Fiji opposition staff say they still don't have a proper office fit-out, months after the election and beginning of parliament.

Flights cancellations cause angst in CNMI

A legislator in the Northern Marianas Edwin Propst is calling a public meeting over continued flight delays in the territory.

Vanuatu farmers say NDMO relief plans too short

Village chiefs and farmers across Vanuatu say the three months of relief support being implemented by the National Disaster Management Office is too short.

Fiji to boost rice production

The government of Fiji is boosting the rice sector in a bid to cut rice import costs.

Tuvalu elections being held today

The people of Tuvalu have gone to the polls today to elect a new 15 person parliament.

'Not much' can be done to avoid FSM impact of Maysak

A disaster official for the state of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia says there's not much that can be done to avoid the impact of Maysak, which is quickly becoming a supertyphoon.

Maysak upgraded to category 5 super-typhoon

The atolls of Fais and Ulithi in the Federated States of Micronesia are expected to be hit by Typhoon Maysak overnight.

Quakes shake Tonga

Tonga was shaken by a pair of strong earthquakes just before midnight local time.

Tokelau aims to build police capacity

Tokelau is looking to change the make up of its police, including having more women officers.

CNMI hospital needs 30 more nurses

The main hospital in the Northern Marianas needs to fill 30 nurse positions.

UNFPA looks at women's needs in post-cyclone Vanuatu

The United Nations Population Fund says women's needs are often overlooked after a natural disaster. (VIDEO)

Japanese investor wants to reopen CNMI casino

The president of the firm behind a closed casino and hotel resort on Rota in the Northern Marianas says he is keen to revive the venture.

Cook Islands flag change "of interest" to PM

Officials in the Cook Islands say the country's 50th anniversary could trigger questions on whether to change the national flag.

Laurey ready for expulsion from Tahiti top party

The vice-president of French Polynesia, Nuihau Laurey, says it would be regrettable if he was to be expelled from the ruling party for running for a seat in the French Senate.