Pacific News

NZ Air Force flies first patrol in Fiji since 2006

A Royal New Zealand Air Force Orion has patrolled Fiji's exclusive economic zone for the first time since defence ties were suspended in 2006.

Cyclone Ola not expected to reach land

A category 1 tropical cyclone is moving slowly northwest of New Caledonia but is not expected to reach land.

Watchdog: Solomons' policy unit 'cumbersome'

A Solomon Islands watchdog says a Government move to establish a policy monitoring unit will be cumbersome and ineffective.

Indonesia's illegal vessels crackdown effective deterrent

A marine conservationist says he expects Indonesia's crackdown on foreign vessels found to be illegally fishing could become an effective detterrent.

PNG police deaths prompts calls for watchdog

In the wake of a police shooting that sparked a week of protests, Papua New Guinea's opposition has suggested the need for an independent watchdog.

Work on Honiara international seaport to begin

Work on the Japanese funded project for the improvement of the Honiara International Seaport Facility in Solomon Islands is set to begin.

Sport: Rugby League Nines World Series proposed

A rugby league nines World Series is being proposed as the shorter form of the game continues to expand its global reach.

Fiji military plans expansion

Fiji's military commander has announced plans to establish a squadron and recruit more personnel for the military's Navy division.

Sport:Nines tournament a chance for Cook Island players to shine

The Cook Islands are using today's Cabramatta Nines rugby league tournament as a chance to develop the next generation of Kuki's internationals.

French Polynesia hosts fewer tourists than 20 years ago, says report

A report published in French Polynesia says the territory hosts fewer tourists today than it did twenty years ago.

Jokowi cracks down on illegal fishing in Indonesia

A marine conservationist says Indonesia's new President has directed a big shift in government efforts to protect the country's maritime environment.

Manus guards accused of arbitrary raids

Security guards at the Manus Island asylum seeker detention centre have been accused of arbitrary raids and confiscating mobile phones.

New Caledonia to host football greats

New Caledonia will this year again host some of the greats of the 1990s Real Madrid football team.

Time to stop punishing Fiji, says Brownlee

New Zealand's Defence Minister, Gerry Brownlee, says it's time to stop punishing Fiji for events in the past.

PNG opposition calls for Police Ombudsman

The opposition in Papua New Guinea has called for a Police Ombudsman to be established to deal with reports of police brutality.

Palau joins Project Eyes on the Seas

Palau has joined the international ocean monitoring collective known as Project Eyes on the Seas.

Samoa and Kiribati airlines offer new connections

Samoa Air and the Kiribati airline, Coral Sun Airways, are to provide regular weekly flights between the two countries.

Judge shortage in Samoa

A Parliamentary Select Committe in Samoa says there are not enough judges to address the number of matters brought before the courts.

Promise to combat Solomons corruption looked upon with scepticism

Transparency Solomon Islands says the country's Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, has a lot of work to do if he is to live up to his promise to tackle corruption.

Samoa's ruling party reconciles after dispute

Samoa's ruling Human Rights Protection Party has held a meeting to reconcile differences between the Prime Minister and one of his MPs.