22 Aug 2002

Pacific countries express concern to Indonesia over violence in Papua

10:48 am on 22 August 2002

Pacific countries are calling for Indonesia to fully implement the special autonomy laws for Papua and to avert a military solution.

New Zealand's foreign affairs minister, Phil Goff, says he expressed his personal concern at the continuing violence in Papua to the Indonesian delegation at the post-forum dialogue.

Mr Goff says there's often a difference between what the central government in Indonesia says it wants and what happens locally.

"What the government expects and what is delivered on the ground by local military leaders can be different things. We stressed the importance of the problems in Papua not being resolved by force, but rather being resolved through the special autonomy laws that have now been put in place but, as yet, not fully implemented."

Mr Goff says the Indonesian delegation told forum members that Indonesia does not want a military solution or a state of emergency imposed in Papua.