23 Aug 2002

Fiji Methodist Church criticised by former leader

10:18 am on 23 August 2002

Fiji's powerful Methodist Church has come under scathing criticism from a former president as its annual conference and fundraising comes to an end, in Suva this week.

The Daily Post reports the attack has come from the Rev Josateki Koroi who was desposed as president in a church coup staged by nationalist elements soon after the military coups of 1987.

The Rev Koroi has described as appalling the lack of reference in the conference to glaring social problems faced by the Fijian community.

He says there are no resolutions for any solution to drug use, teenage pregnancies, incest, violence, and AIDS.

He says the gathering is only for fun, enjoyment, and showing off.

The Rev Koroi has called on the church to take on its social obligations to its members instead of putting strains on their pockets to ensure its own survival.

He says the church must realise that families are suffering and that it has a leading role in impoverishing the people.

The Rev Koroi says by its financial demands, the church is depriving the right of families, particularly children, to the necessities of life, good health, comfort, love, and proper care.

He says the financial obligations the church members have to meet are very heavy and a drain on the people who are fooled because they see their pastors as men of god.