10 Feb 2003

Fiji human rights commission criticises prostitution law

1:01 pm on 10 February 2003

The Chairman of Fiji's Human Rights Commission, Justice Sailosi Kepa, has criticised the country's current prostitution laws, saying they were unfair.

Justice Kepa says while sex workers are arrested, charged and taken into court, their clients are not.

The Daily Post says Justice Kepa made the comment after police arrested more than 20 sex workers in a weekend crackdown aimed at clearing the streets of Suva of prostitues, beggars ans street kids ahead of the South Pacific Games.

Justice Kepa says while there are no laws to prosecute those who pay for sex, there are provisions to prosecute anyone who lives off the earnings of prostitution.

He says wide discussions are needed on whether prostitution should be legalised.

Justice Kepa says prostitution mainly affects the most vulnerable members of society who should be given opportunities to find suitable employment so that can suppor themselves