21 Mar 2003

Fiji Constitutional Services Commission backs call for expatriate police commissioner

10:25 am on 21 March 2003

The chairman of Fiji's Constitutional Services Commission, Peter Knight, has backed suggestions that the country's next police commissioner should be an expatriate.

The commission is the body which recommends the appointment of the commissioner.

The call for an expatriate has been made by the current acting commissioner, Moses Driver, because of the allegations made against the former commissioner, Col Isikia Savua's involvement in the coup, its effects on the police force and the political situation in the country.

Mr Driver says he believes an expatriate should be brought in for three years to restore public confidence in the force and attract overseas investment.

The Fiji Times quotes Mr Knight as saying an expatriate would have an advantage because he would be immune to iternal pressures and provincialism.

Mr Knight says the post is important for the sake of law and order and "the new commissioner will have to regain what is left of public confidence in the force."