12 May 2003

Expiring PNG forestry licences promised a review by the government

3:49 pm on 12 May 2003

Papua New Guinea's Forestry Minister has announced that all forestry projects whose licences expire will be considered for renewal.

Patrick Pruaitch saying he is still awaiting legal advice on the controversial renewal of the Pacific Concord licence on the Aiambak Kiunga project.

Controversy surrounding Pacific Concord includes the non payment of taxes of over 29.5 million US to the Western Province district and unsustainable logging practices.

Mr Pruaitch has also defended the National Forestry Service's handling of the World Bank driven Forestry and Conservation Project.

Last year, the relationship between the PNG government and the World Bank was tense because of the NFS' rejection of the project which limited logging activities in some parts of the country.