5 Jun 2003

Fiji TV withdraws exclusive license application

6:42 pm on 5 June 2003

The CEO of Fiji Television Limited says it's withdrawn its application for an exclusive license because the government has agreed to level the playing field.

Ken Clark says Fiji TV withdrew the application because the Commerce Commission now understands the company's position better and vice versa.

The Commerce Commission says Fiji TV now feels its inappropriate to pursue exclusivity in the local market despite its earlier concerns if competition was introduced.

But Mr Clark says the government has agreed to circumstances that will allow his company to achieve its long-term goals, including the extension of its signal coverage.

"What appears to be in the process of being agreed to by everybody is that if another television operator is licensed in Fiji it would be on a level playing field, so that somebody couldn't come along and pick the eyes out of it and just undermine the existing service...and lets remember that this is still an emerging economy with a relative small number of people to serve.....all that has to be taken into account"

Fiji TV CEO Ken Clark