17 Jun 2004

Deadline for Nauru's budgets looming

5:31 pm on 17 June 2004

Nauru's minister for Island Development and Industry, Remy Namaduk, says the government needs to finalise its budgets today to get it processed on time.

The Nauru parliament has to present two budgets - one for this financial year, and a new budget for spending in 2004/2005.

Both budgets must be processed by the end of the financial year, which is on the 30th June.

Remy Namaduk says there are other financial issues to consider.

He says the issues include pay for public servants, normal government expenditure and finalising its refinancing package to get out of debt to creditors.

"It's coming to a head, because the window for the budget, last year's budget and this year, opened on the 10th of this month, and closes on the 17th which is a week. Now, that window allows the government of the day to put in the budget for next year."

Remy Namaduk, Nauru's minister for Island Development and Industry.