26 Jun 2004

Solomon Islands minister still trying to see report on alleged abduction and rape

9:10 am on 26 June 2004

Solomon Islands Police Minister, Michael Maina, is demanding that the Regional Assistance Mission release a report into a controversial alleged abduction and rape.

RAMSI has gone back on an earlier commitment to release the findings of an investigation that followed the discovery months ago of a female military staff member distressed and dishevelled near the camp.

Since then Ramsi has said inquiries have revealed no evidence of any criminal offence, but it refuses to release its report.

Mr Maina is demanding both that the report be released and that Ramsi apologise for, he says, adding to the public perception that a Solomon Islander was involved.

"There were findings. Now those findings will have to be made public, especially as a general statement, but just doing away with it and having to make no statement is unfair to the people of this country."

Mr Maina says he and the Solomons' Prime Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, expect to meet RAMSI officials next week, and he'll renew his demand for an apology.