12 Nov 2004

Temaru supporter snubs proposal for election in French Polynesia

8:11 am on 12 November 2004

A member of the ousted coalition government in French Polynesia has rejected one of the terms put forward by opponents if there are to be new territory-wide elections.

Two rival governments, one led by Oscar Temaru, the other by Gaston Flosse, have been fighting for power for more than a month.

A member of Mr Temaru's former coalition, Tea Hirshon, says Mr Flosse will agree to full general elections.

But Mrs Hirshon says Mr Flosse wants former election rules in place, in which the party that wins most votes, get an additional top-up of votes.

Mrs Hirshon describes the proposal as divisive and unacceptable.

"He knows that he is no longer sure that he will have the majority in the outer islands. But by saying we should go back to the old rules, and that can be done very easily because it's just an amendment to the present electoral rules, it could push some of our coalition partners to go by themselves."