31 Dec 2004

American Samoan anti-corruption committee's report to name more officials

1:44 pm on 31 December 2004

American Samoa's Senate Select Investigative Committee says more key government officials will be named in its final report into corruption in the Government.

The committee officially ends tomorrow with the conclusion of the 28th Legislature, and it is unclear whether the new Legislature, to meet next week, will opt to continue its work.

The chairman of the outgoing commitee, Senator Lualemaga Faoa, says whatever happens to the committee in future, its report will be completed and released, including to investigating authorities.

Lualemaga says the report will be publicly available in a fortnight, and will contain new information.

"Yes, it will... All will be included in the report -- high officials that are referred to the federal court of investigations, and there will be some other officials included in the report."

Question: So there will be people named that we haven't had named yet, is that it?

Reply: Yes, there will be people named that you have't got their names.

To date, as a result of the committee's work, three Cabinet-level directors have been prosecuted by the Federal Government. A fourth is expected to plead guilty in January.