27 Apr 2005

Fiji police buy pistols for Tactical Response Unit

8:10 am on 27 April 2005

Fiji police have taken delivery of 100 new pistols for use in situations in which they are confronted by armed criminals.

The 9mm Glock pistols are similar to those used by police in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and India.

Assistant police commissioner, Jahir Khan, says with the increasing use of firearms by criminals in armed robberies, it is important for their officers to be prepared.

This follows concern about the helplessness of police in volatile confrontations with thugs using high powered guns including military type assault rifles.

The Glock pistols, which fire up to 16 rounds from one magazine, will be issued to the Police Tactical Response Unit which is trained do deal with emergencies.

Mr Khan says the police budget has a provision for the import of more weapons.