14 Jun 2005

Fiji's UN ambassador calls on military commander to respect government

1:55 pm on 14 June 2005

A high profile Fiji national still under police investigation for his alleged involvement in the coup has called on the military commander to respect the government of the day.

The Daily Post reports that Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations, Col Isikia Savua, made the call in a Fijian language radio talk-back show.

Col Savua is reported to have said that Commodore Bainimarama was out of line in criticising the government and not listening to the minister of home affairs, Josefa Vosanibola.

Col Savua said as a military officer, he had his allegiance to the government and was expected to tow the line.

Col Savua has called on those opposing the highly controversial Reconciliation and Unity Bill to think again.

He says the prime minister and Commodore Bainimarama should sit down, talk things over and reconcile.