13 Jul 2005

American Samoa Senate President denies plans to run for Governor

10:33 am on 13 July 2005

American Samoa Senate President, Lolo Letalu Moliga, has told a local radio station that running for governor is far from his mind and is not part of

his agenda at this time.

Lolo was responding to statements by members of the public that the reason why he has been very vocal lately is because he has his sights set on the 2008 race for the governorship.

The Senate President says for the present, his duty is to lead the Senate in a democratic fashion.

He says when he speaks, he represents the views of the Senate not just his own.

He says being vocal in the interests of the community and government is nothing new to him.

Lolo says if at some time in the future, people wish him to run for chief executive, he will cross that bridge at that time.