1 Dec 2005

Nauru president welcomes donors' response to reform plan

12:54 pm on 1 December 2005

The President of Nauru, Ludwig Scotty, has welcomed the reception aid donors have given his country's reform programme.

At a donor roundtable meeting yesterday in Nauru, the country's National Sustainable Development Strategy was released.

It spells out the dramatic changes seen as necessary if the island is to overcome its economic crisis.

Donors are being asked to help implement the strategy and yesterday lauded the document for its vision and its inclusion of civil society.

No significant pledges of funding have been made yet but President Scotty has hailed the meeting as a success.

"Initially you know it's the start of our plans. We have set in motion a plan which is destined to carry the country for the next 20 years, or even more."

The European Union's representative in the Pacific, Roberto Ridolfi, like many of the delegates was impressed by the work done in compiling the strategy.

It is a tough work. It will require a lot of sacrifices from the people and certainly they need all our support, because this is a very rigorous plan.